Grey's Anatomy: Reddit's Unpopular Opinion on Winston is so Relatable

Grey's Anatomy: Reddit's Unpopular Opinion on Winston is so Relatable
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It's no secret that Grey's Anatomy is one of the most popular series of all time. So much so that this classic medical drama has been entertaining its fans for nearly two decades now.

It makes us cry, laugh and experience every emotion in between as we follow the lives of all the characters throughout the years. Of course, all fans have their favorites, whom they often discuss on Reddit. Users love to share some of their unpopular opinions, which can cause plenty of debates, and one of them is about Winston Ndugu. Let's find out what it is!

It all started with one Redditor who stated that their unpopular opinion was that Winston is the most attractive man in the series. They also expressed confusion about why he's not mentioned more in threads where fans discuss the hottest doctors. And we couldn't agree more – it is pretty surprising!

Other users rushed to respond with agreement, praising him for not only being cute but also emotionally stable and level-headed, which makes him even more attractive. So, why is he so underrated?

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We know what you're thinking. If so many people seem to agree with this opinion, how can it be unpopular amongst others? Well, we looked into this, and we have some theories.

Not Enough Screen Time

Surprisingly enough, it's not always about looks. Even though he's extremely attractive, we don't know much about him. Compared to other characters like Jackson, Winston simply gets so little screen time that it makes it easy for viewers to forget about him altogether.

No Character Development

Secondly, his character development leaves a great deal to be desired. So far, his main storyline is centered around him being Maggie's husband, and there's not much else. We think the lack of events around him doesn't really give the viewers a chance to fall in love with him.

He Is Almost Too Perfect

And finally, he may actually just be too perfect. You may think that being super attractive and nice is always a good thing, but it turns out some people don't think so! In fact, some Redditors have mentioned that they were convinced he was going to be a stalker or a serial killer because he seemed too good to be true. This, however, can be blamed on poor writing as, in the end, he was simply being a good husband to Maggie.

As we can see, despite being an unpopular opinion, there's definitely potential for it to turn popular one day. With a better character arc and more screen time, Winston could easily be the hottest star of the show!