Grey’s Anatomy Plot Twist: The Show Was Not About Meredith All Along

Grey’s Anatomy Plot Twist: The Show Was Not About Meredith All Along
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And it definitely isn’t about her now.


  • This year, Grey's Anatomy has renewed its status as the longest-running medical primetime television show, being renewed for its 21st season.
  • Although the show largely follows the events in the life of its titular character, Meredith Grey, it also features an ensemble cast that grows larger with each passing year.
  • While Meredith has been at the center of the show for 19 seasons, her departure for season 20 allows for a different perspective.

The beauty of any major network procedural is the well-cast ensemble of characters whose dynamics keep viewers hooked. From one episode to the next, the external circumstances may change, but the bond between the characters only strengthens, allowing for more arcs that viewers appreciate.

Although in almost every single one of these shows, from The Rookie to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, viewers can easily identify and name the main character, it's really the series regulars that make each show so unique and special. Grey's Anatomy is no exception.

Is Meredith Grey Still in Grey’s Anatomy?

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Ever since the news broke that Ellen Pompeo was taking a step back from her constant portrayal of Meredith Grey, pretty much everyone started predicting the demise of Grey's Anatomy. Surprisingly, that did not happen. While Meredith is still a presence, the show has proven that it can go on without its titular character.

With so many people leaving the show over the years, the rare OG characters who are now present on Grey's are Dr. Miranda Bailey and Dr. Rishard Webber. While one spent half his time buried in bureaucracy and fighting his inner demons, it was Bailey who managed to be at the center of many characters' development stories.

Not to minimize the importance of Pompeo to the production team and Meredith Grey to the show, but if you look at the series as a whole, you might as well look at Chandra Wilson's Miranda Bailey as a main character as well.

From the beginning, she's been a guiding light for many characters, including Meredith herself. Without her tough but fair teaching methods, the original MAGIC group of Meredith, Alex, George, Izzie, and Cristina would not have become the doctors they did and would not be able to pass on their knowledge.

Miranda was there to watch them grow, celebrate their successes, and help them correct their mistakes. She took a lot of hits for them, but managed to stay strong, trying to balance her own personal life with the hectic schedule that Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital demanded of her. If that's not main character intensity, we don't know what is.

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Most importantly, no matter what happens with Grey's Anatomy, it's safe to assume that Miranda Bailey will still be there, lighting the way for new young doctors to grow into their skills and confidence. Whether Meredith is still there to help or she's long gone.

If you are interested to see what season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy has in store for Dr. Bailey as well as every other character of the show, make sure to tune in to ABCeach Thursday to not miss another episode.