Grey’s Anatomy Star Wasn’t Always Sold on S20 New Romance: ‘Just Leave Them’

Grey’s Anatomy Star Wasn’t Always Sold on S20 New Romance: ‘Just Leave Them’
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But now we're all aboard the new ship.


  • It's hard to count all the couples Grey's Anatomy has brought together and then broken apart in its 20 years on the air.
  • Entering its anniversary season, the show greeted viewers with another blossoming romance between Jo and Link.
  • As Camilla Luddington, who portrays Jo on the show, admits, she wasn't happy with the idea at first.

Although Grey's Anatomy has been on the air for nearly 20 years, the show has always found a way to surprise its viewers. This season, however, the stakes were higher.

First, the show was returning after the longest hiatus in its history. Second, it was losing the constant presence of Ellen Pompeo and needed to show that this wouldn't be an issue going forward.

Finally, the 20th season is a huge milestone, and the cast and crew worked hard to make sure that the viewers who stuck with the show through thick and thin knew just how much they were loved and appreciated. Judging by the premiere episode alone, that intent was successful.

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The first episode of the 20th season, We've Only Just Begun, felt like a love letter to the old Grey's Anatomy, full of twists and turns and drama. However, it had some very interesting twists, including the romantic ones.

Are Grey’s Anatomy’s Link and Jo Together?

As chaotic as the opening episode of season 20 may have felt to viewers, it was hard not to notice all the positive changes. And the newfound romance between Jo Wilson and Atticus Lincoln is definitely something that caught the eye of many. Considering how much these two characters have been through, this is exactly what viewers want for them.

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However, as it turns out, this wasn't exactly what the actors behind these characters wanted. Camilla Luddington, in particular, had some reservations about the idea of developing the friendship between Link and Jo into something more. However, speaking to TV Guide, the actress now admits that she changed her mind:

“I hadn't always been Team Link and Jo. I liked them so much as friends. I was like, no, let's just leave them in that relationship. But I became so invested in these two people finding love with each other. And the more we filmed these scenes between the two of them, the more it made sense to me,” she shared.

It was pretty much the same for many viewers of the show. Although some of them have been rooting for them to act on their feelings for years, no matter what relationship they were in, the majority actually preferred the sweet friendship between them. Now everyone just hopes that both Jo and Link can enjoy their happiness for a while.

However, knowing how Grey's Anatomy works, there is probably some drama planned for this new couple in the nearest future. So buckle up for another season of love, betrayal, and the craziest medical cases you've ever seen.

Grey's Anatomy returns for its 20th season on Thursdays on ABC.

Source: TV Guide