Guillermo Del Toro's 'Cabinet Of Curiosities': List of Directors Explained

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The Mexican director prepares to unveil his horror anthology series on Netflix this year, and the lineup of directors involved is simply astounding.

Miniseries will feature eight original, episode-length stories directed by one of the most talented horror directors working today. All of the episodes are overseen by Del Toro himself, and the overall narrative will definitely be masterminded by the 'Nightmare Alley' director.

The miniseries will feature eight original episode-length stories directed by some of the most talented horror directors of our time. All the episodes are supervised by del Toro himself, and the overall narrative will certainly be masterminded by 'Nightmare Alley' director.

So, here're 8 directors involved in the production of 'Cabinet Of Curiosities' and where you could see their work before:

Ana Lily Amirpour

The genius behind the moody modern vampire story 'A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night', will helm one of the episodes of the upcoming show. The director's last two films have not received the best reviews, and perhaps Amirpour will finally get a chance to prove her talents once again.

Panos Cosmatos

Remember 'Mandy'? Cosmatos was one of the first directors to truly acknowledge Nick Cage's strange animalistic charisma, directing an utterly transcendent horror about one man's struggle to avenge the death of his wife. 'Mandy' is long considered a cult classic, but Cosmatos has been silent for the past five years, only to suddenly announce his involvement the Del Toro series.

Catherine Hardwicke

The 'Twilight' director is continuing her stint on television, and it's absolutely impossible to predict what to expect from the veteran director. But something tells us that Hardwicke won't want to make another romantic supernatural drama, trying to prove to her fans that she's not just a one-hit wonder.

Jennifer Kent

One of the most acclaimed horror directors of recent times, Kent has made a meteoric rise from cult horror flick 'The Babadook' to festival darling 'The Nightingale' in just a couple of years. Bringing such a respected director to work on the series certainly wasn't easy, but the feat will surely be rewarded with Kent's captivating filmmaking style.

Vincenzo Natali

The horror maestro responsible for such classics as 'Cube' and 'Splice' will once again wow audiences with another weird story. In recent years, Natalie has moved completely to television, so the director should be more than capable of telling his upcoming story in an episodic format.

Guillermo Navarro

Although Navarro is known primarily as a brilliant cinematographer, often working with del Toro himself, he has been trying for some time to launch his directing career, shooting various episodes for many recent television series. Perhaps this time he will finally succeed as an auteur rather than a cameraman.

David Prior

Prior burst onto the horror scene with his 'The Empty Man', which stunned avid audiences with interesting ideas, confident directing and a truly creepy atmosphere. Given that Pryor's latest film was more than two hours long, it will be interesting to see how he adapts to the shorter narrative format.

Keith Thomas

'The Vigil' and 'Firestarter' director is expected to create something closer to his first, inherently terrifying film than that tonal disaster starring Zac Efron. Perhaps Del Toro's series will serve as a final test for the up-and-coming director.

'Cabinet Of Curiosities' is set to release on Netflix sometime this year.

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