Harrison Ford’s Cult Sci-Fi Gem That Bombed in 2010s Leaves Hulu Too Soon

Harrison Ford’s Cult Sci-Fi Gem That Bombed in 2010s Leaves Hulu Too Soon
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Act fast to catch this sci-fi thriller.

There’s something in science fiction movies that keeps you invested in them no matter what the promise is. And there’s nothing strange in that: the genre is one of the widest of them all and covers topics so different that anybody will find something to their liking.

The sci-fi movies can be about robot uprising and about the highly developed human society and can handle basically every out-of-this world theme.

One of the most iconic sci-fi movies of all time is 1982 Blade Runner featuring Harrison Ford. The movie is still considered a cult classic. Blade Runner is set in the early 21-st century and revolves around the ultra developed humanoids called “replicants” that were supposed to help human society.

But as it usually happens, everything went wrong… And the police units called “blade runners” were the only ones to save the planet from them.

Harrison Ford’s Cult Sci-Fi Gem That Bombed in 2010s Leaves Hulu Too Soon - image 1

The film has an 89% Rotten Tomatoes score and is praised worldwide, which is perhaps why we had to wait until 2017 for a sequel: no one dared touch Ridley Scott 's film until Denis Villeneuve felt strong enough and created Blade Runner 2049.

The movie was a hit, fans of the original loved it, especially since they got Harrison Ford back and Ryan Gosling as well! The story of the new movie is great, featuring the new hero, Gosling’s K to follow the old hero, Ford’s Rick Decard, and finding out the darkest secrets about the replicant history.

Why Was Blade Runner 2049 Such a Box Office Bomb?

The sequel also received a lot of love from the viewers and even got an 88% Rotten Tomatoes score, which really indicates that the new movie is as good as the original piece. However, Blade Runner 2049 ended up being a huge flop.

The movie grossed $268 million, but had a budget of nearly $180 million. However, fans seem to see it in a little different light.

“Blade Runner 2049 flopped because it cost too much relative to the earning potential of this kind of movie. It grossed 268m which is honestly pretty good for a long, slow sci-fi drama. It's higher than Arrival, for instance. The problem is it cost like 180m so it wasn't profitable,” Reddit user staedtler2018 said.

Blade Runner 2049 is leaving Hulu on April 30, so you have a little less than a month to catch it on the platform and decide if you like it or not.