Harrison Ford’s Tired Franchise Once Again Proves It Had to End 16 Years Ago

Harrison Ford’s Tired Franchise Once Again Proves It Had to End 16 Years Ago
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And even the newest technologies can’t really save it.


  • Harrison FordIndiana Jones franchise got one more movie that was released last summer, but the box office results were quite different from what the creators expected all along.
  • The recent data provided by Forbes shows that Disney lost a significant amount of money after Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny didn’t break even in theaters.
  • Indiana Jones has been one of the most favorite franchises around the world for a very long time, but its recent failure raises a thought about whether it’s time to say goodbye.

Even with a clear and repeatedly proven point that any story should come to its end sooner or later, it doesn’t seem to be a good argument for many of Hollywood’s franchises, especially if it comes to those that used to bring fortunes to the studio’s piggy bank.

And though it’s a sad truth for the devoted fans, Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones happens to be a good example of striving for more wealth, but instead losing a significant part of it.

Nothing could even predict such a frustrating turn of events. With star-packed cast that doesn’t only come to Harrison Ford himself, but also includes Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Mads Mikkelsen, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny looked like a promising hit and a potentially successful movie about some more of the fan-favorite explorer’s adventures.

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As it turned out, the film didn’t live up to the expectations at all. As Forbes has recently revealed, Disney faced a loss of almost $135 million after Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny grossed $384 million worldwide — given that the initial budget supposedly reached a shocking $387 million. Thus, the data suggests itself that the producers expected the film to hit at least $600 million in the box office.

At this point some may retort that the franchise has been on the screens for too long and already became obsolete by this day. While it is indeed true, the creators and Disney producers nonetheless also had their reasons to expect a big win from the movie.

How Much Money Did Previous Indiana Jones Movies Earn?

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The Indiana Jones’s franchise is also known for its huge box office returns which would have never made anyone doubt about the latest film’s struggle to break even.

The previous movies like Raiders of the Lost Arc or Indiana Jones or the Temple of Doom kicked it off with much more modest budgets of $18 and $28 million respectively, while in the box office they both grossed more than $300 million.

Moreover, it would be perfect for Indiana Jones to bow out back in 2008, when The Kingdom of Crystal Skull brought the franchise more than $790 million worldwide, becoming the franchise’s highest-grossing movie.

With Dial of Destiny, the producers have clearly expected to repeat such success, but already with tenfold a budget.

Disney's failure here comes as yet another reminder that even long-lasting franchises can’t live forever — and the de-aging technology for Harrison Ford’s character doesn’t make it any better.

Source: Forbes