Harry Potter and Star Wars Actor Dies at 56: Here Are Some of Paul Grant's Best Works

Harry Potter and Star Wars Actor Dies at 56: Here Are Some of Paul Grant's Best Works
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Paul Grant was an integral part of two huge franchises. What else could we have seen him in?

On March 20, we lost British actor Paul Grant who passed away quietly in the hospital.

He initially lost consciousness near the London King's Cross Station and was later found by the local police.

His family decided to turn off his life support machine four days after Grant was pronounced brain dead.

The actor was best known for his roles in Return of the Jedi (he was just 16 years old there!) and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone where he played an Ewok and a goblin respectively.

Grant also made appearances in a few other projects. Remember the Goblin Corps in 1986's Labyrinth? Paul was cast as one of the members, and he was also a stunt double for Hoggle.

You might also remember him from The Dead, and he was a stunt performer in 1985's dark fantasy Legend alongside Tom Cruise and in 1988's adventure movie Willow with Val Kilmer.

Devastated by the news, Harry Potter fans were quick to notice that the actor's sudden collapse coincidentally happened at King's Cross Station. May he get onto the train to eternal peace (and maybe meet Dumbledore along the way?)...

In an interview for The Sun, one of his daughters Sophie shared a sweet message to her dad, mentioning that he was "a legend in so many ways."

She added how Paul loved his family, willing to "do anything for anyone," and that he was "a massive Arsenal fan." She finished off by saying, "My dad, I love you so much, sleep tight."

The actor had a girlfriend, a son, two daughters, stepchildren, and grandchildren, who are all going to miss him very much.

RIP, Paul Grant.