Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’s Most Dramatic Scene Actually Makes Exactly Zero Sense

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’s Most Dramatic Scene Actually Makes Exactly Zero Sense
Image credit: Warner Bros.

One more proof that too much drama isn’t the best idea.


  • Harry Potter ’s story is known for its dynamic plot twists full of danger and drama that make the main character’s adventures compelling to watch
  • But one scene from one of the franchise’s movies proves that some dramatical elements can be just out of place.
  • The scene that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince features wasn’t originally included in J.K. Rowling’s books.
  • The sequence eventually turned out to be a total failure as the additional drama didn’t have any effect on the plot as a whole.

There’s absolutely no doubt that the Harry Potter’s book series and followed movie franchise are all about the tension that grows as the action proceeds, especially when it comes to Harry Potter himself.

Following the life of a wizard boy that at some point has to fight the world’s most powerful evil magician, the books and the books-based films surely have a lot of dramatical plot twists that are always there to thrill the viewers — but sometimes even Harry Potter’s story had an unnecessary drama.

Though the movie franchise is entirely based on J.K. Rowling’s book series, every so often the directors felt some need to step away from the original plot by adding something of their own to a specific film.

This is exactly what happened to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince which contains a scene that actually never happened in the book itself — and the movie’s sequence has so many dramatical twists which, instead of coming as something shocking and impressive, raises a thought whether it was needed at all.

The scene opens with showing Harry and Ginny Weasley in the Weasleys’ family house called the Burrow where both characters seem to have started noticing their mutual romantic feelings for each other. The sweet, yet very awkward moment is interrupted by Bellatrix Lestrange showing up outside of the house and mocking Harry trying to hurt his feelings after his godfather Sirius Black’s death in the previous movie.

Harry and Ginny then make an attempt to chase the Death Eaters across the fields and Bellatrix, taking advantage of this moment, sets the Burrow on fire creating a devastating scene of the Weasleys’ home burnt to the ground.

The sequence could’ve indeed had a jaw-dropping reaction from the viewers if it hadn’t been in fact so out of place and for many reasons. The Burrow was never set on fire in J.K. Rowling’s books which obviously have to deal with a lot of other dramatical matters, let alone a whole house being entirely burnt.

Additionally — and this is even more important — nobody seems to care much about the Burrow’s destruction: Harry and Hermione speak only about Bellatrix’s attack and don’t even mention the Weasleys’ house; on top of that, Ron Weasley himself doesn’t happen to be devastated about the loss of his family home and keeps himself busy hanging out with his girlfriend.

Eventually the Burrow appears to be totally renovated and looks just like it did before while Harry still keeps visiting the place like nothing bad ever happened there.

While the creators’ intentions about this additional scene seem to be relatively clear, all of these intentions’ meaning suddenly gets lost right after this scene ends. The very fact of the Burrow being burnt comes to nothing more but an ostensibly huge dramatical effect given that there are literally no consequences of this event for any single character.