Harry Potter Fans Think ChatGPT May Be a Horcrux

Harry Potter Fans Think ChatGPT May Be a Horcrux
Image credit: Legion-Media

All AI haters, assemble! We finally have a legit reason to protest ChatGPT. Oh, and it is good.

With AIs on the rise and everyone worried about it, Potterheads are quick to come up with an appropriate analogy from the wizarding world – Tom Riddle's diary. This is actually both brilliant and hilarious!

Let's start with the obvious. Riddle's diary could write answers to someone's questions all by itself, and so can ChatGPT.

The diary even took the initiative to show Harry some memories from the past by sucking him in. Not bad for a book, right?

ChatGPT basically does the same nowadays – you just have to know the right prompt to use (or you might never get back).

Much like Riddle's diary tried to suck the soul out of Ginny to resurrect Voldemort in all his noseless glory, ChatGPT is known to have "sucked the soul out of art", at least according to some famous movie directors.

The resemblance to the horcrux is uncanny! All kidding aside, a lot of people are anxious about AIs creating generic content without any "spark" in it. Should we all go into panic mode?

What fans are now wondering is how Arthur Weasley would react to ChatGPT, given his fascination with muggle technology, but also taking into account that he did once say, "Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain."

Oh, Arthur, good thing AIs were not a concern in the 1990s! Just imagine reporting ChatGPT gone rogue to the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office…

In all seriousness, isn't it amazing how few years it took humanity to develop what is basically considered modern-day magic?

A few years ago, we could not even imagine that we would have such advanced technology that could create content for us in a matter of seconds, and now it is our reality.

Whether we choose to embrace it or fight it, we should still approach AIs with caution.

Otherwise, we run the risk of becoming possessed and accidentally writing something in red on the wall and then not remembering it!