Even Steven Spielberg Is Terrified of AI Art at This Point

Even Steven Spielberg Is Terrified of AI Art at This Point
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When the director of an actual movie about artificial intelligence is scared, is it time for us to panic?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making anyone intelligent enough pretty anxious these days.

While it does offer seemingly endless possibilities as to how various tasks can be "optimized", many people are afraid of losing their jobs to machines.

The future we have been visualizing in sci-fi movies for years has gotten here fast, and it is not exactly what people have had in mind. Well, be careful what you wish for…

Plenty of graphic artists are especially concerned with AI-generated art. It does make sense if you are still a no-namer in the industry but it is now becoming a hot topic even among renowned artists, writers, and even directors.

If they are nervous, NOW it is really the time for the rest of us to panic.

On The Late Show with Stephen ColbertSteven Spielberg shared that AI art "terrifies" him.

Why would machine-generated art frighten such an accomplished director with numerous successful movies to his credit?

He explains that things created by people have a "soul" to them, something that cannot and should not be replicated by any AI.

According to Spielberg, it is one thing for people to use the means of technology to express themselves creatively, which is great, but it is something else entirely when we let the technology we ourselves have trained replace human creativity.

Spielberg believes that people who rely on AI to be the driver of progress should be asking themselves whether this "will help humanity" or "default" us back to where we started.

Steven is asking the real questions here, folks, and he has been doing so basically since 2001. Spielberg compares what we have now with AIs to his movie AI Artificial Intelligence, which explores the futuristic idea of humans depending on machines to live.

We don't know about you but we are getting chills!

The famous director's point of view is shared by many people (maybe not to such an extreme but still). So what are we getting ourselves into with this rapidly developing AI technology?

Should we be worried about more than copyright claims? Can AIs become so dangerous so fast? We will have to find out – hopefully, later rather than sooner.