Harry Potter Meets Euphoria: This AI Hogwarts Graduation Party is HBO-Worthy

Harry Potter Meets Euphoria: This AI Hogwarts Graduation Party is HBO-Worthy
Image credit: Legion-Media

AI's advancing faster than anyone could've expected, and some people just can't stop using it — it's too much fun! This especially goes for all the various fandoms.

Just a few years ago, any fandom was completely dependent on a small portion of talented people who created fanarts, fanfiction, and even short movies based on their favorite universes.

While those talented people have been always trying their best to deliver amazing content, in big fandoms, the demand was way too high.

Everything changed when AI became both very public and very advanced. Recently, images and text generated with it were a child's gibberish, and today, it makes photorealistic pictures and produces stories that sound completely human-written.

This enabled everyone to create whatever comes to their minds.

We already saw multiple examples, and it's no wonder that the Harry Potter fandom is one of the most active with the new tech: millions of people all over the world finally get to turn their ideas into reality!

Say, someone really wanted to see what a rave in Hogwarts would've looked like. Because why not, right?

Now, these people got access to MidJourney, and started prompting away… Until they got something that we can only describe as Harry Potter characters if they started partying Euphoria- style, and their teachers were on board with it. And then they even made a short clip out of it.

Are you ready to see DJ Hagrid, dance floor slayer Snape, and Dumbledore the party animal?

Well, here you go!

The Great Party of Hogwarts
by u/LateNightCoffeeShop in midjourney

It's nice to know even Harry gets some rest from his never-ending fight against evil, and Hermione doesn't always stay in the library…

And Malfoy's outfit is sick, but that's no surprise — just as the fact that Ron's in the epicenter of the fun!

The next time some HP fan starts ranting about AI, show them this clip and roleplay Dred and Forge on a wicked Hogwarts-themed party with them.

After all, we're living in a wonderful era when you can have fun with technology, magic, and your life — all at the same time!