Harry Potter: This One Scene Proves Rubeus Hagrid Was An Absolute Menace

Harry Potter: This One Scene Proves Rubeus Hagrid Was An Absolute Menace
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Hagrid has always been one dangerous man, but this one scene from The Deathly Hallows book shows just how unhinged he was when his friends were in danger.


  • Both the Golden Trio and most fans largely saw Hagrid as a kind-hearted naive fool who constantly got himself into trouble.
  • In reality, Hagrid was a dangerous man who went against the Centaurs, Acromantulas, and the Ministry alone and emerged victorious.
  • During the Battle of the Seven Potters, Hagrid did a midair kamikaze dive from the flying motorcycle only to save Harry from a Death Eater.

For most fans, Rubeus Hagrid is nothing but a kind and naive Hogwarts groundskeeper who often needed help from his much-younger friends when he got himself in trouble once again. But in reality, Hagrid was quite a dangerous man who was willing to kill and die for his loved ones, and he proved it time and time again.

Hagrid Has Always Been A Menace In Harry Potter

Whenever the people he cared about were in danger — or whenever he felt like justice wasn’t properly served — Rubeus Hagrid instantly abandoned his habitual persona of a kind half-giant and turned into a straight-up exterminator. All those who stood in his way experienced Hagrid’s wrath, but not all survived to tell about it.

When an entire herd of furious Centaurs tried to execute Firenze, Hagrid single-handedly fought them off and saved his friend. When Aragog died and his children wanted to eat him, Hagrid alone went into the huge Acromantula colony and fought off the cannibalistic giant spiders to retrieve and bury his old friend’s body.

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He took a frustrated giant across entire Europe against the latter’s will and never revealed himself. He fought off the Ministry’s and Voldemort’s goons alike many times and successfully avoided arrest for months, beating the Aurors and Death Eaters into the ground and tanking dozens of spells without batting an eye.

So yeah, it’s safe to say that Hagrid was an absolute menace and could definitely have defeated Voldemort himself using only his umbrella. But this other case?..

Hagrid Went Full Kamikaze To Protect Harry Potter

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In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, during the aerial Battle of the Seven Potters, a Death Eater catches up to Hagrid and Harry at some point and raises his wand, pointing it at The Boy Who Lived. Rubeus Hagrid doesn’t waste a second and makes an immediate decision: he goes full-on kamikaze mode and sacrifices himself!

“With a shout of fury Hagrid launched himself off the bike at the Death Eater; to his horror, Harry saw both Hagrid and the Death Eater falling out of sight, their combined weight too much for the broomstick,” the excerpt reads.

Let’s quickly recap: to save Harry from the Killing Curse, Hagrid immediately launched himself from his flying motorcycle to tackle the Death Eater midair and plummet both the enemy and himself all the way down.

The sheer will and might of this man are just unfathomable!