Harry Potter: This Wizard Was Worse Than Voldemort and Grindelwald, and It's Not Slytherin

Harry Potter: This Wizard Was Worse Than Voldemort and Grindelwald, and It's Not Slytherin
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Both Grindelwald and Voldemort were labeled the Darkest wizards ever, but that’s far from the truth. Have you ever heard of the maniac who created the Dementors and how he did it?

The Harry Potter series is obviously centered around the story of The Boy Who Lived and provides little insight into the past of the Wizarding World apart from occasional glimpses and flashbacks. For all we know, Lord Voldemort is the Darkest wizard ever, and the only one before him was Dumbledore’s pal, Gellert Grindelwald.

That is, of course, far from the truth: there were people even more insane and sadistic than Lord Voldemort. There were wizards so Dark their names were almost forgotten thanks to all the horrors they inflicted upon their victims… But one of those Dark wizards of the past left a terrifying legacy that couldn’t be reversed after him.

Enter Ekrizdis.

This French wizard lived back in the 15th century, and apart from his questionable name, there was nothing special about him for the longest time — at least, nothing that his fellow wizards were aware of. And there was quite a lot to be aware of when it came to Ekrizdis’s daily exercises: he did things even Voldemort wouldn’t enjoy.

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Ekrizdis created an artificial island in the North Sea, and on that island, he conjured a fortress. He used his magic to lure unsuspecting fishermen, sailors, and other Muggles who happened to sail by into his domain, where he performed horrendous and twisted experiments on them, driving them desperate, broken, and insane.

With all the Dark energy of his victims’ suffering and pain, Ekrizdis created the Dementors — the creatures that feed on hope and happiness and destroy human souls with their Kiss, leaving empty vessels behind. Drawn from the Void by Ekrizdis’s Dark and scary acts, they came into the world and clang to his fortress.

This fortress would later become known as Azkaban — the most brutal prison of the Wizarding World guarded by the Darkest creatures. The horrors of this place would continue driving many men and women insane for centuries to come, and the Dementors would venture far beyond its walls, growing in numbers by the day.

It’s hard to imagine what unfathomable experiments and tortures Ekrizdis was performing on his island that they spawned the Dementors, but one thing is clear: there was hardly any wizard in history Darker than him. Even Lord Voldemort was using the good old Unforgivables, and they didn’t have nearly the same effects.