Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Might Be Coming to Prime Sooner Than Expected

Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Might Be Coming to Prime Sooner Than Expected
Image credit: A24, Prime

Hell's mayhem could return to Prime in as little as a year.


  • On January 18, Prime Video debuted the first season of Hazbin Hotel, an adult animated series whose pilot garnered over 100 million views on YouTube.
  • The series was an instant hit on Amazon, and fans are eagerly awaiting the sequel.
  • One of the stars of Hazbin Hotel shared an encouraging update on production.

Web series are a curious phenomenon. They are not constrained by the rigid framework of traditional broadcast television, which is why they are often rated R. But the peculiarity of such animated series is far from that. The thing about them is their insane tendency toward virality: when a potential show gets a pilot, a massive fandom builds up around it even before its release, sharing fanart, fanfiction, headcanons, and other sometimes dubious products of the fan's rich imagination.

Such is the case with Hazbin Hotel, an adult animated musical comedy show created by Vivienne 'VivziePop' Medrano. Created solely with the support of Medrano's Patreon followers and the help of freelance artists and writers, the pilot episode was released in 2019, and immediately became the most talked about web series since the early 2010s. Then came the spin-off Helluva Boss, and now we're talking about the full first season of Hazbin Hotel, co-produced by A24 and Amazon Studios — the internet is a truly amazing place!

And the Internet is also a place where fans are eagerly anticipating more interesting and witty content from their favorite creators. The last two episodes of Hazbin Hotel's first season premiered on February 1, but viewers are already waiting for details about the sequel. And now fans of the high-octane Hell and its infamous Hotel can rejoice, as Katie Killjoy herself has shared a new update!

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Hazbin Hotel Season 2 Is Already in Development!

The Hazbin Hotel was the biggest animated premiere on Amazon Prime, and given the popularity of the pilot, Jeff Bezos' company execs clearly saw great potential in the madcap, queer energy of the cartoon. As a result, a second season was announced even before the first season premiered. Not much is known about a potential release date and what's to come, but an encouraging update was teased in a conversation with The Direct by Brandon Rogers, who voices 6666 news anchor Katie Killjoy.

'You know, that is a good question as to when it is coming out. But I can tell you that we are in the middle of shooting the f--king thing right now.'

As for what's to come, Rogers wasn't at liberty to say much, of course, but he did hint that we should expect even more of his character.

'And I can't say what exactly happens in the next season, but I can tell you if you are a fan of Katie Killjoy, you are going to love Season 2 because she is in it more than she was in the first season'

The actor also shared his thoughts on how important an animated series like this has been to the queer community.

'To see a show that is so queer-coded and is so weirdo-coded being the number one thing on Amazon that weekend as well as the number one thing on iTunes and Spotify, I just think it is about time that characters like these take the limelight and are not gatekept by producers who are afraid to populate their platforms with these characters and these stories.'

When Can We Expect the New Season?

Speaking with Screen Rant, Vivienne Medrano mentioned the approximate production timeframe for Season 1, so we can guess when we can expect Season 2.

'Roughly, Season 1 took [between] one-and-a-half to two years [to produce]. I think it's probably similar [for Season 2] because we are in the early stages.'

In other words, if production is in full swing, as Rogers noted, Hazbin Hotel Season 2 should be expected sometime in 2025 on Prime Video.

Source: The Direct, Screen Rant.