HBO Max Just Renewed Its Recent TV Series, But Not The One You Thought

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It seems that HBO Max was pleased with the results of its recent comedy series, extending it for a second season. However, some fans will surely be saddened when they find out exactly which series has been renewed.

Yes, 'Our Flag Means Death' fandom, the network still hasn't renewed the much talked about pirate show for a second season, instead giving the green light to the 'Minx' series, centered on one girl's attempt to launch the first feminist magazine. The series, created by Ellen Rapoport, became quite popular after its 10-episode run earlier this year, so the decision to order a new batch of adventures for the characters Ophelia Lovibond and Jake Johnson seems understandable.

Showrunner Rapoport released a statement thanking fans of the show for their support of the renewal of the series.

"All of us at Minx have been blown away by the passionate response from audiences across the world, who have mashed-up, TikTok-ed and fanfic-ed us into a renewal," Rapoport said.

Fans are incredibly grateful for the HBO's decision, given how their many attempts to push for renewal of the series have finally succeeded.

However, fans of 'Our Flag Means Death' are very offended by the network's decision not to renew Waititi's series for a long-awaited second season and to choose 'Minx' instead.

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