Henry Cavill's Update on Highlander Role Confirms What Fans Were Saying All Along

Henry Cavill's Update on Highlander Role Confirms What Fans Were Saying All Along
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Henry Cavill, friend to geeks everywhere.


  • Henry Cavill is set to star in the upcoming Highlander movie.
  • This will be a reboot of the 1986 blockbuster and its various spinoffs.
  • Cavill is passionate about the source material, and fans believe he will keep the franchise on track.
  • Director Chad Stahelski has an exciting vision for the movies, which may become a trilogy.

Fans of Scottish immortals, rejoice! Henry Cavill is joining the upcoming Highlander movie, helmed by John Wick director Chad Stahelski.

Cavill has fans swooning, and not just for the usual reasons (abs, hair, jaw you could break buildings with). There are other things to appreciate in this casting, most importantly that Cavill has a reverence for nerdy source material and an absolute commitment to doing it right.

After all, this is the man who – according to rumor – quit the internationally celebrated Witcher series when they started deviating too heavily from the source material. That's the sort of behavior that might drive producers nuts, but Cavill's definitely the man you want in your corner when it comes to adapting well-loved material.

There Can Only Be One (Or Several and a Reboot)

The 1986 blockbuster Highlander tells an epic tale of battling Scottish immortals in New York. The Sean Connery film was a massive success, generating sequels, a 7-season television show, and novelizations.

Now, Henry Cavill is set to star in Stahelski's upcoming reboot. Cavill's comments on the upcoming project has confirmed what fans have been saying all along: that his presence on the movie will pretty much guarantee it gets pulled off with integrity.

When asked by about details on the project, Cavill replied: 'There's a lot of work to be done yet on my part. It's going to be a serious ride, I'll tell you that much.'

He's gone on to describe the extensive training that he plans to put in so that he can pull off the epic fights of the Highlander world.

Other actors might see Highlander as just another role, but Cavill is excited to reprise an important part of his childhood. When announcing the casting on Instagram, the actor said:

'I've been a fan of Highlander since I was lad. From the movies in all of their 80s, Queen-slathered glory to the TV show with an actor who looked remarkably like one of my brothers. Being not shy with swords, and having a director as talented as Chad Stahelski at the helm, this is an opportunity like no other. Deep diving into franchise storytelling with all the tools at our disposal, is going to make this an adventure I (and hopefully all of you) shall never forget.'

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The Man Behind the Camera

It's not just Cavill's passion that's shaping this project. In a recent interview with Collider, Chad Stahelski described his love for the Highlander world – not just the original story, but every part of the popular franchise. The director stated:

'There are things about that movie beneath just the shots and the lighting, there's a mythology there, for some reason, it hooks us. We love that world… I went so far as I know every episode of all six seasons, plus the seventh season if you count Raven as a series, plus the novels, there's something about the world that's hooking.'

Stahelski's knowledge has been essential to the work of reviving Highlander. At first Lionsgate and Summit studios were looking at just reviving the original movie, but with the director's encouragement they've been revamping the project to encompass the larger mythology of the Highlander world. If Stahelski has his way, this could even be the beginning of a trilogy.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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