Henry Cavill’s Iconic Witcher Voice Is Actually a Total Accident

Henry Cavill’s Iconic Witcher Voice Is Actually a Total Accident
Image credit: Netflix

There’s something Henry Cavill’s fans love even more than his looks.

The Witcher is the Netflix drama series with Henry Cavill brilliantly portraying the main character, Geralt himself. We could have imagined at first that the actor would make the show a success, but he actually managed to make it ten times better than it should have been originally.

Well, we have to thank the showrunners and the writers for making Geralt's character genuinely lovable on paper, but it's the actor who was able to bring it all to life and win everyone’s hearts with his talent.

However, his contribution to the Netflix series goes beyond acting, as his unique voice for Geralt added an extra layer of strength to the character. But as he revealed recently, it wasn't even planned.

The thing is, when he auditioned for the role, he used his original voice. But during the final shot he actually suddenly changed it. The actor then realized that this improvised voice suited the character better and decided to stick with it.

For a long time, fans couldn't tell if it was the actor's real voice or if the creators had used autotune. This even caused some debates on the Internet, but eventually they came to realize that the actor just put too much effort into the character.

“It's definitely him, you can tell if you've watched enough of his stuff, but I imagine it has to take something of a toll on his throat to talk like that all the time. He's kind of a masochist when it comes to giving it all for his part, though, he loves his painful contacts and will put his body through anything. Dude is dedicated,” Redditor alisonation said.

Surely enough, this experimental approach helped Cavill create the best Geralt there ever could be. Meanwhile, his portrayal of Geralt is highly appreciated by the fans. Too bad season 3 is the last time they will get to enjoy it, as in season 4, Henry Cavill will be replaced by Liam Hemsworth.