Here's Everything You Need to Know About The Sparrow Academy

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'The Umbrella Academy' was delivering us multiverses and alternate timelines long before it became mainstream.

'The Umbrella Academy' long overdue season 3 is going to pick the world's most dysfunctional family up right where season 2 left them: in an alternate timeline that they created to avert the world's end. And surprise-surprise, the apocalypse was not averted but rather postponed… once again.

The members of the Umbrella Academy will have to face their counterparts who call themselves the Sparrow Academy. This version of the Umbrella Academy has seven children, all born on the same day and possessing superpowers. They have also been adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, just like the members of the Umbrella Academy, but these kids, Hargreeves believes, are… better.

The only familiar face in the Sparrow Academy is Ben Hargreeves. Dead in the original timeline, he is alive and well in the 'sparrow-verse', if we may, and, as the Umbrella Academy members put it, is a "d**khead".

Other members of the Sparrow Academy are Marcus, Fei, Alfonso, Sloane, Jayme, and Christopher. Oh, and the latter is a telekinetic cube capable of emotional manipulation and inducing paralysis, by the way – just so you know.

Others are no less gifted. For instance, Fei is able to control crows and incite them on her enemies, while Alphonso enjoys a power of empathetic masochism – the ability to inflict pain on other people by damaging his own. Ouch.

The powers of Marcus, Sloane and Jayme are yet to be unveiled, but the talents of their adoptive siblings already hint that they are going to have something equally or even more intimidating up their pockets.

The Umbrella Academy and their Sparrow counterparts will clearly be far away from enjoying lovely family dinners together, as they are seen engaging in clashes with each other and generally being less than friendly.

Just how apocalyptic this sibling rivalry will turn out to be for the rest of the world and both timelines, we'll get to know when season 3 of 'The Umbrella Academy' premieres on June 22 on Netflix.

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