Here's How MCU Might Retcon Hulk & She-Hulk Now That Mutants Are Here

Image credit: Marvel Studios

'Ms. Marvel' might be capable of affecting other shows as well.

With 'Ms. Marvel' seemingly confirming mutants in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by revealing that Kamala Khan has a "mutation" in her genes, there are now multiple fan theories circulating online and suggesting what this could mean for the MCU future.

Many fans seem to believe that the revelation might affect one of the new characters in the MCU, Jennifer Walters a.k.a. She-Hulk. She could also be one of the first mutants introduced in Phase Four, as well as her cousin Bruce Banner.

This would essentially mean Marvel Studios heavily retconning both characters, whose Hulk powers originally don't have anything to do with being a mutant. Bruce Banner received his abilities following attempts to recreate a super soldier serum, and Walters, for her part, turns into She-Hulk after a blood transfusion from her cousin.

But 'Ms. Marvel' has also famously retconned many parts of Kamala Khan's story, essentially making her a mutant instead of an Inhuman. Which is why, fans suggest, Jennifer Walters might also have her origin story altered for the sake of the MCU lore.

Fans seem to be cautious about the idea, but many people are confident that Kamala Khan is certainly not the last mutant in the MCU.

"This does make me wonder, if Marvel is changing Kamala into a mutant. Will they make anyone else a mutant? I doubt She-Hulk will be, but for some strange reason… it seems oddly possible to me that they could make some if not all members of the Fantastic 4 mutants." – @MudstarAwesome.

'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' is Marvel's next small screen project, due to hit Disney Plus on August 17. The trailer has not explicitly explained She-Hulk's origin story, so there is a possibility that even the craziest fan theories might turn out to be right.

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