Here's How 'Ms. Marvel' Offers a New Take on Parents-Kids Relations

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It's actually pretty refreshing when you think about it.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Ms. Marvel' episode 6

When we watch movies about kids with superhuman abilities, parents are usually depicted as someone who need to be kept in the dark about these abilities, because they will inevitably go ballistic or even go against their kids should they know about it.

'Ms. Marvel' is keen on changing that. Not only Kamala Khan's parents end up being absolutely okay with their daughter's superpowers, but also they are extremely supportive and protective of her. In episode 6, Kamala's mother, who would usually restrict and criticize her for living in a fantasy world, approaches her daughter with an unexpected gift: a handmade superhero costume that represents everything that Kamala has discovered about herself.

Her father, in turn, reveals that her name literally means "marvel" in Urdu, essentially completing Kamala's superhero identity.

During the final fight between the Department of Damage Control and Kamala and Kamran, her parents are on the front lines, worried sick about her but still believing that their daughter will handle everything she's up to.

It's a rare occasion of superhero media not portraying a family member as someone who inadvertently prevents the hero from achieving their goal or hurts them, but actually shows pride in what the kids have become instead.

By showing Kamala's parents in a positive light, 'Ms. Marvel' has managed to address yet another stereotype – and debunk it beautifully.

Fans have praised the show for bringing in this refreshing take on the parents-kids trope, saying that 'Ms. Marvel' is "definitely marking a new age" for Marvel projects by pushing more boundaries.

'Ms Marvel' finale is currently streaming on Disney Plus.

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