Here's How 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3 Addressed Elliot Page's Transition

Here's How 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 3 Addressed Elliot Page's Transition
Image credit: Netflix

The Umbrella Academy's Number Seven has had quite a journey.

During the two-year-long hiatus 'The Umbrella Academy ' had between seasons 2 and 3, actor Elliot Page, who portrays Viktor Hargreeves, came out as a transgender man. This ended up impacting his character as well, as Viktor was initially introduced as female member of the Umbrella Academy Vanya Hargreeves.

After his coming out, Page indicated he was ready to continue portraying Vanya as a cis woman, but the show's creators decided to change his character's identity to fall in line with the actor. This is how Viktor Hargreeves emerged.

He is introduced to the viewers in the beginning of episode 2, when Page's character wanders around a barbershop and then something makes him go inside and proceed to chop off his long hair. This appears to be the borderline accidental step by Viktor towards his real identity.

His coming out to the family seems to be not that big of a deal: Viktor just turns up to a family meeting introducing himself with a new name, adding "It's who I've always been".

His siblings appear to be cool with his changes, as Number Five even says that he is happy for Viktor. Then, the family returns to their regular chaotic conversations sprinkled with accusations and toxicity as they try to figure out how to deal with their Sparrow Academy counterparts.

'The Umbrella Academy' making little drama of Page's character coming out appeared to have satisfied the fans. Seems that this family is not so dysfunctional after all.

"Literally the only way in which the Hargreeves siblings aren't incredibly dysfunctional is in how they support Viktor coming out as trans and it is beautiful." – @BronwynAnn.