Here's How Tobey Maguire Really Feels About That Cringe Dance Meme

Here's How Tobey Maguire Really Feels About That Cringe Dance Meme
Image credit: Sony Pictures

Some dances go down in movie history as iconic (ask Uma Thurman and Jenna Ortega). Others are... what they are.

Tobey Maguire may be the OG Spider-Man who we all grew up with, but there is one thing that is both cringe-worthy and iconic at this point. Yes, you're thinking right: that "Bully Maguire" dance in Spider-Man 3.

Back at the time when Sam Raimi 's movie just came out, the sequence drew criticism from fans, but these days, it's more of a fun story that is just part of the Spider-Man legacy. Besides, it did make great meme material, inspiring people to joke about and even recreate it in funny and relatively non-cringey ways.

When asked by fans how does he feel about the notorious dance in a Reddit Q&A, Maguire was surprisingly ready to give in to nostalgia. Moreover, he assured fans that he is still able to do "the dance".

"Every morning when I wake up. Just trying to capture the joy of this little guy," Maguire said, referring to a viral video of a little boy recreating the iconic dance.

Maguire also said he feels "fairly neutral" about the dance memes, and revealed that "Bully Maguire" culture was "a funny discovery" for him.

The fact that Tobey is so well-versed on the meme culture that now surrounds his character has conquered fans' hearts once again. Besides, the actor has given yet another reason to re-watch the viral video with the boy recreating the dance; and honestly, many people believe that the kid did even better than Maguire's Peter Parker himself.

Spider-Man 3, directed by Sam Raimi, came out in 2007. Some fourteen years later, Tobey Maguire swung those webs once again, returning as one of Spider-Man variants in MCU 's No Way Home — the third movie led by Marvel's web-slinger Tom Holland.