Here's What Garfield's Spider-Man and Lerman's Percy Jackson Have in Common

Here's What Garfield's Spider-Man and Lerman's Percy Jackson Have in Common
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Sometimes everything works perfectly within the team that is about to make a movie, and a movie turns out being perfect and praised by both fans and critics. But sometimes things go a bit different, and what could've conquered hearts ends up breaking them.

Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man was not instantly loved when he first appeared on the screens in 2012. Despite his lovable take on the web-slinger and amazing chemistry with Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy, Garfield did not even have the chance to finish his trilogy – the films were not welcomed by fans and critics.

Logan Lerman 's 'Percy Jackson ' can somewhat relate to that. While no one took issue with Lerman himself and his performance, he was just slightly out of the book canon, plus the things got so much worse because of pretty bad writing.

This is what the two have in common, according to what many fans believe on Twitter.

And it's not only about the main stars, it would seem.

Moreover, the fate of both movies was decided particularly due to their unsuccessful sequels. In 'Sea of Monsters', the creators tried to fix some of the mistakes related to the canon (like, they finally made Annabeth blonde), but never made the story itself work.

And when it comes to the 'The Amazing Spider-Man' sequel, many fans argue that Andrew and Emma's performance was essentially the only thing that made the movie worth watching, pointing out multiple plot holes no one even tried to fix, it seems.

But, as Garfield's Spider-Man had his own renaissance in 'No Way Home', maybe Percy Jackson will also get a better cinematic representation when the eponymous Disney+ TV series comes out.

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