Here's What Margot Robbie Really Thinks About Lady Gaga's Harley Quinn

Here's What Margot Robbie Really Thinks About Lady Gaga's Harley Quinn
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As soon as the first frame of the new Joker with Lady Gaga appeared, the singer was immediately subjected to massive criticism.

According to social media users, Gaga is not suitable for the role of Harley Quinn, and the movie creators made a fatal mistake in casting.

In the comics, Quinn was able to become a psychiatrist despite her cool attitude towards studying, and then got a job in a hospital where she met Joker.

That's when they started committing all kinds of atrocities together.

The first Joker with Joaquin Phoenix deviated a bit from the comic books line towards an evil social drama, and the reason for the transformation of an ordinary man with a mental illness into a ruthless killer was the cutback of social programs in Gotham.

What will happen to Harley Quinn in the sequel is not yet clear. But users have already made their choice. Many believe that Gaga was only cast because the Joker sequel will be a musical, and Gaga can sing.

"I feel like the only reason they're trying to get her for the role is due to this apperently being a musical and due to her being an artist and her being in a star is born," Reddit user Sheev__Palpatine commented.

Despite all the criticism, some point to other actors who also did not inspire confidence at first, but eventually became iconic in their roles.

"Last time I judged a casting was Heath Ledger, I thought "the guy from 10 things I hate about you? No way" and he was amazing so I just sit and wait to see now," Reddit user IndependentTax2386 said.

People are comparing Lady Gaga to Margot Robbie in Suicide Squad, noting that the singer loses in every way.

A number of social media users have vowed to boycott the new movie, saying that Gaga has ruined their beloved Harley Quinn image.

And some believe that the filmmakers did not have enough budget to invite Margot Robbie, who is now one of the highest paid actress in Hollywood, to star in the movie. However, Robbie himself approved of Lady Gaga playing Harley.

"It's such an honor to have built a foundation strong enough that Harley can now be one of those characters that other actors get to have a go at playing. And I think [Gaga will] do something incredible with it," the actress said in her interview with MTV News.

Lady Gaga may not seem like the most obvious choice to play Harley Quinn, but as previous examples have shown, the least obvious example can be the most successful.

Lady Gaga's performance as Joker's ally can be seen on October 4, 2024, when the movie is released in theaters.