Here's What New 'The Umbrella Academy' Clip Tells Us About Season 3

Image credit: Netflix

A lot, if you really look into the new footage.

Netflix has released a new clip from 'The Umbrella Academy' season 3, welcoming us into what appears to be the Academy's new home for the season – 'The Obsidian Hotel'.

The chaotic siblings arrive to the hotel, where Klaus seems to be happy to guide them through. It turns out that 'The Obsidian Hotel' welcomed an impressive number of world leaders and influencers – from Stalin to the Kardashians.

Seems like just the right place for the dysfunctional family of people with superhuman abilities and a tendency to cause an apocalypse every now and then.

However, people have quickly come up with several questions. First of all, OG comics fans immediately wondered why was the name of the place changed, as it was named 'The Oblivion Hotel' in the comics.

But there might be an easy explanation for this one.

"I know it's weird but I heard they couldn't get the rights to the name from dark horse," – @OdeToJamie_.

Some fans got emotional after Alison rushed to make her phone call – in the 60s, she missed her daughter and wanted to talk to her, so clearly that would be her first thing to do when the family returned to the present.

However, since the timeline has been altered, there's a chance that Alison's daughter simply doesn't exist.

After all, Viktor Hargreeves appeared to have summarized things in the best way possible – "this place is weird". Well, way to go.

'The Umbrella Academy' returns to Netflix with season 3 on June 22.

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