Here's What 'Severance' Creative Team Thinks About Fan Theories

Here's What 'Severance' Creative Team Thinks About Fan Theories
Image credit: Legion-Media

'Severance' fans do not restrain themselves when it comes to theories – and sometimes, even the creators are affected by it.

Dan Erickson, the writer for 'Severance ', had to force himself to stay away from websites like Reddit when he felt addicted to fan theories and predictions.

The writer revealed this during the 'Severance' panel at San Diego Comic-Con, when pressured to shed light on what to expect from season 2. In order not to mess with his own head, Erickson said he had to severely restrict the number of fan theories he delved into.

"I was on it every day for a while," he said during the SDCC panel. "It's kind of addicting it's really. As we have gotten more into writing Season 2 it becomes that thing of infinite options, and you have to be committed to what you're doing. I had to cut off other ideas about where it could go because there's an infinite amount of paths we could take."

Sometimes, Erickson admitted, fan theories would offer ideas that he deemed to be better than the creative team had itself. Still, eventually, he managed to log off and commit to his own options despite the "infinite amount of paths" the show could take.

He did not cave to the pressure to reveal something about season 2, only mentioning that it will "continue building out the world a little bit more and being able to see, with this one slight tweak to reality, what the different ramifications of that would be."

The SDCC panel has notably provided few insights into the future of the show, concentrating more on discussing the first season and the crew connecting with the audience.

It also offered no new information regarding the release of the second season which is set to "go deeper into this wholly unique world and unpack more layers of Lumon."