Here's What Tom Cruise Could Look Like As Superior Iron Man in 'Multiverse of Madness'

Image credit: Legion-Media

The news of Tom Cruise's possible involvement in 'Doctor Strange 2' as Superior Iron Man has rocked the Internet, and fans are eagerly trying to imagine what the 'Mission Impossible' star could look like in the upcoming film.

Perhaps one of the most believable fan arts imagining Cruise as Superior Iron Man was created by the artist Spdrmnkyxxiii on Instagram. With an almost-goatee and a sad look, in a high-tech silver suit inlaid with what appeared to be Infinity Stones, Cruise clearly fits the role well in the artist's hands.

This fan art is, of course, great, but what fans really think about Cruise inheriting Robert Downey Jr. role?

First thing to know – Superior Iron Man is a villain, an evil version of Tony Stark, so Cruise's possible involvement with this character won't ruin RDJ's performance at all. Some not-so-experienced Marvel fans still don't seem to understand the place Superior Iron Man occupies in Marvel comics universe, with @gennie_69 writing that 'the only real Iron Man is Robert and no one can replace him' and @donna.d.carter.77 supporting her claiming that "no one will EVER replace Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man!". even went as far as saying that Cruise is "too egocentric to fit this role", seemingly ignoring the fact that self-centeredness is one of the most fitting descriptions for Superior Iron Man in the original Marvel comics.

Perhaps when the movie is released and if Cruise actually does star in it, some fans will reconsider their dislike of the actor.

'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness' will hit theatres May 6, 2022.

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