Here's What You Need to Know About Matt Barr in Walker: Independence

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CW has announced a prequel series for their acclaimed Walker television series, which has excited the fans, a while back.

Walker: Independence is set to feature the ancestors of all the characters we know and love. Independence takes a departure from the modern days setting of the original to feature a more Western setting. A welcome change if you ask us.

The prequel follows Abigail Walker, the ancestor of Cordell Walker, as she struggles to get justice and revenge. This prequel is unique because it takes a new perspective on the Western genre and features a female protagonist. Considering Westerns are largely male-centric, we are excited to see what it could bring to the table.

Since it is set in the 1800s, don't expect any characters to return. However, Matt Barr, who plays Hoyt Rawlins in the original, is set to reprise his role as another Hoy Rawlins. Unless Hoyt is a time traveler or a vampire who has lived for around 200 years, we can assume they are different characters.

Barr is set to play a lovable rogue who is expected to be the male lead to Abigail. The dynamic between the two may be similar to the one between Walker and Rawlins in the original, but we expect fresh new ideas.

Barr's character is an outlaw and a gambler currently living in the town of Independence. He is brash, impulsive, and seems to be having an affair with Lucia Montero, a local rancher's daughter. It is here that he meets Abby Walker, who is his polar opposite.

Rawlins seems comfortable in his role as the local troublemaker, but after a few adventures with Abigail, he likely undergoes his arch. Barr is an accomplished actor, well known for his roles in shows such as Sleepy Hollow, CSI, Blood and Treasure, and Gossip Girl, among others.

Barr has teased some details about his character as he has stated that Rawlins has some connection with the Alamo. These historical connections make for great television and deepen the lore even more. According to Barr, this event is central to the character and explains who he is and why he is the way he is. The show would explore in greater detail, and we're all for it.

Being a veteran TV actor, we're betting on Barr to steal the show and make the character his own as Walker: Independence premieres on CW on October 6, 9/8c.

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