Here's Who Nancy Should End Up With in S5, According to Millie Bobby Brown

Here's Who Nancy Should End Up With in S5, According to Millie Bobby Brown
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Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has said that she would love Nancy (Natalie Dyer) to be with Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and not Steve (Joe Keery), who's adored by the series' fans.

In a Vanity Fair video, Brown shared her thoughts on Nancy's life and the show's most heated love triangle. Brown, who has been nominated for two Emmys for her portrayal of the superpowered preteen Eleven, is clearly rooting for Jonathan.

"[Nancy should pick] Jonathan…because he's kind, and he might just need a little bit more time to grow into himself, as a man," she said.

Netflix 's Stranger Things, a popular sci-fi series, inches towards its final season and the show's fans have become polarized even more. There are actually two rival factions – Team Stancy (those who believe Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington belong together) and Team Jancy (those who'd love Nancy to end up with Jonathan Byers).

Nancy and Jonathan got together in Season 2 of the show and their romance lingers on, although they had problems in Season 3. Season 4 was quite a challenge for the couple as they had to keep long-distance relationship. At the same time Nancy had a chance to see Steve grow as a person, and he does not look as self-centered now as he was when they broke up in Season 1.

It looks like Nancy's attraction to her ex-boyfriend is still there. This has left us wonder what will become of them by the end of Season 5 and will we see Nancy and Steve re-united.

Funnily enough, another Stranger Things star Maya Hawke who portrays Robin Buckley has a totally different opinion on Nancy's love life. When asked by Vanity Fair if Nancy should end up with Jonathan or Steve, she just focused on Nancy's career rather than her relationship.

"I think that Nancy probably belongs outside of Hawkins, working as a reporter," said Hawke.

This is a good point, because Nancy does look as a more ambitious person than either Jonathan or Steve. The show's creators Matt and Ross Duffer have previously said that they love all their characters and that it's really hard to choose between them, so the question still persists.

The Netflix's horror hit premiered in 2016 to become a huge success for the network. The series follows a group of teenagers who have witnessed mysterious and supernatural events in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, and the way it affected their lives.