Here's Why a Shorter Season 4 is No Good For 'The Umbrella Academy'

Here's Why a Shorter Season 4 is No Good For 'The Umbrella Academy'
Image credit: Netflix

This time, the apocalypse deadline is even closer for the Hargreeves family.

With 'The Umbrella Academy ' officially heading into its fourth and final season, it seems that it is going to have less than ten episodes that fans are accustomed to. It would be too soon to just blast Netflix for the apparent decision to end things quicker, because 'The Umbrella Academy', unlike some other shows, will at least have a closure.

However, many fans argue that a shorter season 4 will do the show no good. There are too many storylines and too many questions left unanswered for 'The Umbrella Academy' to have less than ten episodes.

While the final number of the episodes remains unknown, fans are wondering why Netflix even decided to cut season 4 short if it still went with giving 'The Umbrella Academy' another season. The answer, however, might be as mundane and prosaic as usual.

"Budget. Netflix probably believes that revenue won't be enhanced by making 10 episodes rather than 6 (or whatever) so they give a smaller budget to the makers." – /pjanic_at__the_isco

Some fans, however, try to remain optimisitc and even offer some strategies for Netflix that could make the final season work better – even if it ends up being shortened. And it looks like the fan strategy is challenging the tactics that Netflix chooses for its every show – yeah, we're talking about binge-watching and dropping every episode at once.

"For real, drop the episodes on a weekly basis or at least do a two part thing. Try keeping the hype up a little. Not everything is stranger things and can survive a 6 episode drop. The promoters for this show really do not give the show enough promotion it deserves." – /saibjai

The third season of 'The Umbrella Academy' has received mixed reviews from fans and critics, with many people noting how the show seems to already be repeating itself. However, others argue that season 3 was heavily overshadowed by the two-part premiere of 'Stranger Things' – the show that is obviously more popular and hype-gaining.

The premiere date for the fourth and final season of 'The Umbrella Academy' is yet to be scheduled, with plot details also remaining a mystery as of now.