Here's Why Marvel Fans Have to Defend Brie Larson Again

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The Captain Marvel actress seems to be weirdly accustomed to hate.

Brie Larson has given a pretty bizarre response when asked just how long she will play Captain Marvel in the MCU. According to the actress, she "doesn't know", and it depends on whether "anyone wants [her] to do it again".

The way she delivered the response has triggered many fans. Speaking with Variety at D23 Expo, Larson shrugged off the question and seemed nervous and preemptively defensive – something that many people spotted and deemed a result of the constant hate that the Captain Marvel actress has to face.

"[A]t this point [B]rie [L]arson cannot even breathe in peace because mysoginists will jump on her for no reason," Twitter user wandascazo argued.

It seems that the actress' response irked many people who claimed that Larson could have been "nicer".

"Honest answer: Brie always came across as very smug and arrogant in her interviews when Cap Marvel came out. She thinks she's being witty, but it comes off as hostile. This looks to be another instance where she thinks she's being playful but isn't coming off that way." – @Blorp_Douglas

Other people, however, argue that she never said anything wrong, and her tone comes off as defensive in the wake of hundreds of hateful comments Larson receives about her character, her acting skills, or her personality.

"I'm not a super Brie Larson fan—but these comments are proving her point. She's joking about everyone hating and every comment is like "ugh, I hate her" – @ThatGuyRy84

Captain Marvel has been criticized by some fans since her 2019 appearance in the solo movie, with people being frustrated with Carol being "emotionless" and "way too powerful", while others also slammed her for being "arrogant" and "annoying".

There is at least one movie Larson's Captain Marvel is set to appear in – 'The Marvels', which is expected to unite Carol Danvers with Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan. The movie is scheduled to release on July 28, 2023.

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