Here's Why MCU Phase 4 Is Underwhelming, According To Reddit

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After the MCU finally broke into the TV department in full force, whilst continuing to produce high-budget movies, fans are getting overwhelmed by the variety of content available to them.

The MCU is currently in its fourth phase, and Marvel Studios are finally feeling some backlash as people wonder how the sheer number of new movies and TV series are developing the overall story. From their perspective, the superhero franchise is simply stagnating, not developing an interesting suspenseful plot like it used to, when Ultron and Thanos were carefully set up. It's been three years since the release of 'Avengers: Endgame', and fans are desperate to at least see that the similar grand event is being prepared.

"We're about to be 6 movies deep into Phase 4. That's an equal amount to Phase 1, in a quarter of the time, with at least another six to go. Not to mention the Disney+ series that seem to be released every other week. The MCU may not have reached a breaking point yet, but the writing is on the wall in my opinion." – /MrBrightside618.

While discussing this problem on Reddit, fans noted a lot of interesting things, arguing that Phase 4's vulnerable position might be traced back to the previous installments and people's affection for them.

"Phase 4 was always going to be in a tough spot. It is following two of the biggest movies ever and it was introducing new heroes. Remember phase 1 did not have the hype until the Avengers came out.the general audience is still tied to the original avengers, it's going to take time to get them to buy into the new." – /aunit1390.

However, some avid MCU fans are reassuring doubters that the MCU will return to the top in no time, as Phase Four will be the launching pad for many exciting future projects, including the long-awaited appearance of the X-Men, as well as some huge villains and heroes, including the Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom and Galactus.

"People have been saying comicbook movies have peaked every year since the first Avengers. I'll leave off by saying the MCU movies have still been performing as well as any movies around and MCU still has the X-Men up their sleeves. I won't read into the writing on the wall just yet." – /aunit1390.

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