Rings of Power's Galadriel Works Great as a Character, Even If You Hate Her

Rings of Power's Galadriel Works Great as a Character, Even If You Hate Her
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Morfydd Clark's character is actually one of the best parts about The Rings of Power season 1.

Amazon's Galadriel, portrayed by Morfydd Clark, is arguably one of the most controversial characters in The Rings of Power who secured plenty of fans and haters alike. However, at times, it seems like the voices of haters are way louder.

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According to a Reddit post by sethd1991, even the things that give people an ick are actually shaping Galadriel into a decent protagonist and quite a solid character.

Among Galadriel's greatest "sins" fans name her being arrogant, entitled and unlikable — something that, according to the Redditor, would be easily forgivable if it was about a male character like Frank Underwood, Joffrey Baratheon or "every single male character in Succession ).

"BUT [I] also think that Galadriel makes a natural protagonist because Sauron always considered her one of the biggest threats to his power," the user went on. "Galadriel's rage is her weakness and this is why she's so willing to go all-in with Halbrand. [S]he is so singularly focused on locating and destroying Sauron that she fails to see that he is right in front of her."

What some people criticized as "lazy writing", others see as something that gives characters life and the right to sometimes make mistakes. Galadriel has faced criticism for both being not perfect enough and way too perfect sometimes. Her arrogance is not actually something that she has exclusively; in fact, elves "were [all] arrogant at the time", and it was "their flaw".

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According to the fan, it would be interesting to see this "arrogant" and "entitled" version of Galadriel to transform into the elven heroine we are used to from the Peter Jackson movie trilogy.

"Galadriel is blinded by vengeance, yet she's also right about everything (despite all the gaslighting) and (as is the case in the Third Age) she is lethal. in Morfydd's rendition we finally get to see why Sauron considered Galadriel a significant threat," the Redditor concluded.

With season 2 being in the works, debates on whether the first season did its best story- and character-wise are still ongoing.

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Amazon has said that it plans The Rings of Power to consist of at least five seasons. The premiere date for season 2 is yet to be scheduled.