Here's Why The Deep's Costume Was Sexualized in 'The Boys' (Spoiler: It Didn't Work as Planned)

Image credit: Legion-Media, Amazon

The Deep, capable of breathing underwater and communicating with sea creatures, is one of the superhero antagonists in 'The Boys'... and a symbol of what appears to be a battle against gender stereotypes.

Chase Crawford's The Deep has been notably displaying quite a lot when it comes to his costume, and that was precisely what the show's costume designer, Laura Jean Shannon, was going for.

"I call that equal opportunity objectification. Like you said, we've been patting boobs and butts and making ladies look luscious forever. So it was actually really exciting to be given the opportunity to kind of hyper-sexualize a male character in The Boys, and really lean into Chase's great looks," she revealed in an interview with Jump Cut Online.

Yes, but did that actually work?

The push to draw attention to over-sexualizing female superhero costumes by doing the same thing to a male superhero is particularly weird when you remember how female superheroes are dressed in 'The Boys'.

Still, according to Shannon, even Crawford's stunt guy was impressed by how the costume ended up drawing attention to The Deep's muscles.

"Every time before we started shooting, he started doing push ups and pull ups to try to get to the same place that Chase had pushed himself to, to really round out that suit," the costume designer revealed.

Those who enjoy Shannon's costume decision no matter what can catch a glimpse of The Deep (and his fellow Supes) once again when season 3 premieres on June 3 on Amazon Prime.

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