Here's Why 'The Rings of Power' is Getting Bombed on Rotten Tomatoes Right Now

Here's Why 'The Rings of Power' is Getting Bombed on Rotten Tomatoes Right Now
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Lovers and haters of the Amazon's fantasy epic seem to be clashing in a big fight right now.

Despite the initial wave of enthusiasm 'The Rings of Power ' met online when the first two episodes premiered on Friday, the Amazon prequel is currently weathering a storm on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show is currently getting "review-bombed" on the renowned movie critics' platform. When something is "review-bombed", it means it faces a wave of reviews, usually negative, aimed solely at lowering the audience score of the project.

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This is what's happening to 'The Rings of Power' right now. Its audience score has quickly tumbled down to less than 30% after being well over 40% on Friday, and it seems that the haters are on a mission to make it even worse.

The main reasons for disliking the show are its diverse cast, characters that are "a snooze fest", and "lack of respect" to the source material. Many people on Twitter have already called others to boycott 'The Rings of Power' so that "Amazon sees" that it "failed".

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However, the review-bombing only seems to lower the level of the audience's trust to Rotten Tomatoes.

"The sad thing is all this does is make audience scores useless as a metric. How can they be useful if a large percentage of the reviews are in bad faith in an attempt to destroy the show, movie, game, book etc. Then of course the fans try to counteract it, so a show they may rate 7,8 or 9 gets a 10." – /LuinAelin

Other people just feel sorry that the Tolkien fandom appears to be so "toxic" and all-too-ready to not just complain, but actively destroy something LoTR-related they didn't like right from the very start.

"It's so sad. I don't remember the Tolkien fandom being this toxic. When did it get hijacked by angsty incels?" one fan wondered.

Still, the Tomatometer – an indicator that shows just how well the movie or a show is received by actual critics – remains pretty high for 'The Rings of Power', with critics granting the show with 83% as of Friday.

'The Rings of Power' premiered on Prime Video on September 2, drawing both love and hate from viewers. Some people praise the show for breathtaking visuals and great music, and others are not happy with how reckless Amazon seems to handle the source material. There are six more episodes to follow through October.