Here’s How Many Batman Films Fans Think Robert Pattinson Should Have

Image credit: Legion-Media

As Robert Pattinson joins the fraternity of the actors behind the role of Batman, fans are already trying to make sure he gets as many films donning a black cape as possible.

With 'The Batman' already grossing over $670 million worldwide, fans praise Robert Pattinson, the newest owner of the Bat mask, calling for as many films for him as possible.

The numbers vary, though: some people insist on the classic trilogy, while others argue that Pattinson "does not get enough credit" and deserves more – say, at least eight.

Some suggest a "double trilogy".

There are people who deem eight and six to be too much. How about four, then?

According to Robert's fans, any number that tops 3 would be a good idea.

Currently, it is Ben Affleck who technically wore the black cape the most, appearing in four films as Batman. He is followed by Christian Bale who portrayed the masked vigilante in The Dark Knight trilogy by Christopher Nolan. And only time will tell whether Pattinson will manage to outrun them – and if he does, how many Batman films he will end up with.

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