Here’s Why Law & Order Flops Ever Since Revival

Here’s Why Law & Order Flops Ever Since Revival
Image credit: NBC

Is there a chance to make the franchise great again?


  • Law & Order is the NBC procedural drama created by Dick Wolf that started the franchise of related spin-offs.
  • The original Law & Order series ended in 2010, but was brought back by the network in 2022.
  • Those loyal viewers who have stuck with Law & Order for decades don't think the revival did the show any good.

If there's one thing we all learned from Succession in 2023, it's that sometimes it's best to end the story on a high note. Though fans are still clamoring for more, and cannot come to terms with the way it all ended, it was a very welcome move overall not to let the story get repetitive and boring.

Unfortunately, this is one of a million cases where a plethora of shows drag the completely dead story around for years for the sole purpose of profit. Many Law & Order fans are beginning to believe that this is the case with their favorite franchise.

Fearful of inviting viewers on new journeys, producers continue the stories that no one seems to care about anymore. At the same time, viewers are finding fewer and fewer reasons to tune in to NBC.

Is there any way to fix it? Scrap it all and move on to something new, fans think.

Why Is Law & Order Reboot So Bad

There are two components that the original Law & Order nailed that the new one just can't seem to figure out: the personal lives of the detectives and the level of social commentary. When out of balance, it feels like viewers are watching a soap opera rather than a legal procedural.

More often than ever, the cases are somehow affected by a sheer lack of professionalism on the part of those handling them. From various forms of emotional outbursts to blatant bias towards one side of the story, these twists are written in to show a more human side of the professionals, but tend to only annoy the viewers.

Neither the personal drama between the characters nor the over-the-top emotional reactions are the key to making Law & Order feel like it cares about legal injustice.

While the acting may still be good and some of the cases may be genuinely interesting, the inconsistency in the writing and the need to force all kinds of performative activism into every single episode feels very unnatural and ruins the effect the original show had.

All of the issues that Law & Order was able to address without shoving them in the face of the viewer are now spelled out as if the viewer has no critical thinking of their own. The experience of watching the show is now simply tiring and not nearly as exciting as it used to be.

If you are still interested in seeing what the Law & Order franchise has in store and have some hope that the crew behind the show will learn from the criticism, tune in to NBC every Thursday to not miss any new episodes.