Highest-Rated K-Drama of the 2022 is Now on Netflix

Highest-Rated K-Drama of the 2022 is Now on Netflix
Image credit: SBS

Business Proposal is a great romantic comedy available on Netflix.


  • There are many great K-dramas available on Netflix, and one of the best examples is Business Proposal.
  • The show's ratings are incredibly high, and both critics and viewers have received the series warmly.
  • Despite the stereotypical tropes, the plot is witty and funny.

South Korean-produced series have conquered the global TV market for several decades now, and since the 2010s, this success has spread to Netflix. Kingdom, Itaewon Class, Squid Game, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha are all series that have achieved unimaginable popularity, cult status, and rave reviews from critics.

Netflix continues to cater to all K-drama fans, as well as newcomers to the format, by actively adding acquired and original series to its library. Speaking of the former, Business Proposal, a romantic comedy based on HaeHwa and Narak's webtoon of the same name, has arrived on the streaming service. The show has received incredibly high ratings, and with its addition to Netflix, rom-com fans and casual subscribers alike will definitely have to give Business Proposal a shot!

What Is This K-Drama About?

Business Proposal follows a young woman, Shin Ha-ri, who works for a food company. Her friend Jin Young-seo wants to find her true love, but her rich father has arranged a date with a very influential man she is not interested in. As a result, Ha-ri agrees to replace her on a blind date in order to scare off a potential partner. However, this man turns out to be Kang Tae-moo, the CEO of the company she works for, who unexpectedly proposes to her...

Thus begins a crazy love story in which both cynically try to play the game of pretending to be engaged in order to satisfy Tae-moo's grandfather's demands, only to realize that their feelings are genuine. At the same time, a romantic story develops between Young-seo and Tae-moo's secretary Cha Sung-hoon.

What Are Critics' and Viewers' Opinions on It

It has a 90% audience approval on Rotten Tomatoes, which is one of the highest ratings for K-dramas. Although some have found the show to be a bit cringe-worthy at first, many believe that it picks up quite quickly thanks to its upbeat pacing and excellent humor.

Even viewers who are not fans of the romantic comedy genre have found Business Proposal to be incredibly addictive and entertaining. In other words, the show is both silly and funny, quirky and charming, and strikes a good balance between each of these elements.

Why You Should Definitely Check It Out

At first glance, the show seems to be nothing new: a typical romance between a male boss and his female subordinate, but the love story between the two main couples is incredibly funny and full of great chemistry. Besides, the very stereotypical nature of Business Proposal is something that the writers themselves point out: as a generic rom-com, the show is full of self-aware jokes, which makes the series so entertaining.

As we said, the show is nothing super original, and for avid K-drama fans, many of the plot twists and tropes will be familiar from equally popular rom-coms such as What's Wrong with Secretary Kim or, say, The Secret Life of My Secretary, which Business Proposal was clearly inspired by. But that doesn't make the show any less decent, and no matter how high your expectations are, the plot is unlikely to disappoint.

Oh, and we forgot to mention one aspect that will surely please all foodies, especially if you are into Korean cuisine! In the story, Shin Ha-ri's parents, Shin Joong-hae and Han Mi-mo, own a chicken place. So get ready for some of the most beautiful and drool-inducing food and cooking sequences, including the internationally recognized Korean fried chicken. It's not a mukbang, of course, but the show will definitely make you laugh and get your appetite going!