Hot Take: Folie à Deux Must Become The End Of Joker

Hot Take: Folie à Deux Must Become The End Of Joker
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All jokes aside, it's high time for something new already.

Please remain calm and hear us out as this might not be the most popular opinion, but it is one that deserves the right to be heard: we're culturally overwhelmed with Batman 's movie version of Joker and his excessive presence in our lives must cease in the second Joker movie that comes out next year.

We've been trapped in the Joker's grip for far too long.

The Batman villain has been revamped and recycled countless times in popular culture, from Heath Ledger's award-winning portrayal in The Dark Knight to Jared Leto 's heavily criticized version in Suicide Squad.

However, the past three years have seen a shift to a more realistic and grimly grounded depiction of Joker with Joaquin Phoenix taking on the role.

But now, the upcoming Joker 2 movie could be (or even should be) the final nail in the Joker's coffin — especially since Lady Gaga has been cast as Harley Quinn.

Joker is truly a beloved villain, but his overuse in films has become tedious for some fans, with four different versions portrayed on the big screen in just 15 years.

The Joker's love for chaos and his bright colors are part of his iconic image, but it's become a predictable and overused trope. The character has lost his ability to create excitement.

The fans are unequivocal, as Reddit shows, in the opinion that "there's way too much Joker." Fans agree that "we're oversaturated with" Joker.

Some fans even say there's just too much Batman, and the comic book media in general. But obviously, even though the whole comic book media isn't going anywhere, some parts of it can. And should. Like, in this case, Joker.

Another serious point of note is that Lady Gaga's portrayal of Harley Quinn could be the key to ending the Joker's reign.

Her character will have a more realistic appearance, reflecting the fatigue and struggle of a woman who has had enough. Gaga's involvement may even overshadow Joaquin Phoenix's performance, leading to the Joker's ultimate downfall.

All in all, while the Joker has been an undeniably popular character, it's time for him to step aside and give other villains a chance to shine.

Todd Phillips' Joker sequel could be the end of this iconic character, and Lady Gaga's involvement may just be the final push needed to make it happen.