Hot Take: Glee's Unholy Trinity Is Seriously Overrated

Hot Take: Glee's Unholy Trinity Is Seriously Overrated
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The writing was to blame, though.

No matter how bizarre the experience was, Glee was a truly fundamental show for many millennials growing up. It had all the characters you wanted to see as a High Schooler thrown into a truly uncomfortable environment of a loser’s Glee Club and forced to work together to get back on top of the pyramid.

While the cast consisted of very talented performers, some characters were always meant to be more central to the story than others. But fandom wouldn’t necessarily agree, as it repeatedly pushed series’ creators to write more for their favorites.

Looking back at the state of the fandom, and the mess that the show turned out to be in season 4, some fans believe the writers shouldn’t have ever succumbed to pressure. However, they did, and a lot of the unnecessary attention went to the characters who weren’t thought through enough to receive it.

The so-called Unholy Trinity, consisting of Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez, and Brittany Pierce is one such group. Appearing as the evident antagonists of the series in season 1, they gained a lot of fans due to them all being anti-heroes, with a definite bonus of them all being beautiful cheerleaders as well.

However, back then Glee didn’t take itself too seriously and was meant to be a High School satire. These characters weren’t supposed to be deep, but rather simply entertaining and comedic at times. With Quinn having the only real storyline out of three of them, and two others left out as side characters, that’s exactly who they were supposed to be.

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Though there are many fans who love the second season of Glee, that is exactly when the show took a turn and transformed into your usual teenage drama. While it was still fun and allowed more impactful storylines to happen, it led to some characters like Santana and Brittany getting the weirdest running gigs, like being extremely rude and violent and dumb.

Even after the characters were confirmed to have the relationship, which positively affected the underrepresented lesbian couples at the time of the show’s release, they still clung to their caricatured selves. And that’s exactly what makes them so unfortunately overrated in hindsight.

If you want to rewatch Glee and form your own opinion on the matter, you can go ahead and stream it on Hulu or Disney Plus.