Hot Take: Marvel Ruins Every Iconic Actor It Signs Up

Hot Take: Marvel Ruins Every Iconic Actor It Signs Up
Image credit: Marvel

There hasn't yet been a Marvel movie with a legendary actor that fans would be completely satisfied with as of now. What if there is a pattern?

It's always good news for fans when Marvel secures a big name for the MCU, as hopes immediately skyrocket for a project when someone like Stellan Skarsgård or Christian Bale is a part of it.

Except when the project ends up actually ruining or under-developing a promising character portrayed by an iconic actor. Unfortunately, that is exactly what seems to be going on with the MCU projects recently. In fact, fans have noted that legendary actors' MCU characters generally get ruined more often than not.

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Skarsgård's part in the MCU appears to be one of the biggest frustrations for Marvel fans. The iconic actor portrayed Doctor Erik Selvig in the Thor movies, but his character was not very big in the films, even though he appeared in several projects.

"He got to be in more than one project sure but they still wasted his talent on a role he couldn't do much with," Twitter user MyTimeToShineH argued.

While some fans argue that the mere appearance is already a big deal, others are just in pain when they have to watch legendary actors being "wasted" for minor or badly-written roles.

A similar frustration came (once again in a Thor movie) when Christian Bale's Gorr the God Butcher turned out to have less screen time and character development in Thor: Love and Thunder than fans were hoping for.

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Some people are also upset about Anthony Hopkins' character of Odin who appeared in the beginning of the Thor saga. According to fans, if an iconic actor signs up for the MCU, than the studio has to take the chance and make sure their character is iconic as well. However, as of now, legendary actors are being "wasted" in sidekick gigs, or the writers do them dirty, fans claim.

With fans getting more and more outraged because of that, it might be time for MCU to stop using big names for the sake of promotion and invest more in the character building. Who knows, maybe upcoming Phase Five might provide a perfect moment for that?