Only One Eternals Character Might Make The Sequel Worth It

Only One Eternals Character Might Make The Sequel Worth It
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After Eternals' questionable performance at the box office, the project's future is unclear. But there is hope.

It turns out that there is a character in Eternals that could make critics forget the sins of the first movie and welcome a sequel, should Marvel announce one.

This character is the speedster, Makkari, who is portrayed by Lauren Ridloff. With the actress highlighting her hopes for an MCU return in a conversation with Insider, fans indicated she is the only Eternal they really want to come back.

For instance, many people loved the way her speedster powers were portrayed in the movie. Instead of resorting to the cliché slow-motion scenes, Eternals had Makkari enjoying full speed without restrictions. Some people even think she was "the only good one worth keeping", apparently frustrated with the rest of the Eternals team.

While many people are ready to give an Eternals sequel a chance purely for Makkari, others argue that a better way to facilitate her return would be through cameos in other projects. Still, it is unclear whether Marvel develops Eternals 2.

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Despite teasing some sort of Eternals comeback, the studio has not officially confirmed that the sequel is in development. However, the first movie has ended with a huge cliffhanger, and now that the MCU line-up for the years to come is filled with yet-to-be-titled projects, fans are hoping that an Eternals sequel is also a part of the plan.

Ridloff, meanwhile, let Insider know that she hopes for her character to make some sort of an MCU comeback, no matter whether it will be related to Eternals or not. At The Walking Dead red carpet premiere, the actress said that "we are all waiting", apparently referring to the studio's silence on the Eternals' future.

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Many people believe that Eternals could be better off as a series, while others argue that even as a movie, it is one of the most underrated MCU projects. Eternals premiered on November 5, 2021, and grossed some $402 million worldwide.