House Of The Dragon’s Milly Alcock Jumps From Westeros To DCU

House Of The Dragon’s Milly Alcock Jumps From Westeros To DCU
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Now it’s time to fly without a dragon.


  • Milly Alcock is an Australian actress who had her breakthrough after the release of HBO's fantasy hit House of the Dragon.
  • As the actress only portrayed the younger version of the main character in the show, she will not be appearing in Season 2.
  • However, Alcock is now joining the DCU as the franchise's new Supergirl.

Since James Gunn took over the DC Cinematic Universe, his every decision has been carefully dissected by the army of fans. While some casting decisions have been considered controversial, such as the franchise's decision to part ways with Henry Cavill, others have been greeted with applause.

Although the first film of the new DC era, The Flash, received very mixed reviews, all DC fans still believe that James Gunn's vision will bring the universe to a resounding success. Therefore, everyone has been anxiously following the casting process of another key heroine in the universe.

From 4 runners-up to a prominent leader who managed to deeply impress Gunn with her audition, the DC Universe now welcomes its new Kara Danvers. And from what we already know, her story will be the one to remember.

Who Is The New Supergirl?

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Previously portrayed by actresses such as Melissa Benoist, Molly C. Quinn and Helen Slater in various iterations of the comic book story, the role of Supergirl will now be played by Australian-born Milly Alcock.

The actress, who broke out in 2022 when she starred as the young Princess Rhaenyra in 5 episodes of the first season of House of the Dragon, is now ready to deliver some hardcore action on DCU sets.

For now, the plans include two movies, Superman: Legacy, where Alcock's character will make her first appearance, and a solo movie, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow.

The race for the role of Supergirl was tight between four and then two contenders. Some other actresses who came close to being cast were CODA's Emilia Jones and DC's Tomorrowverse Supergirl voice actress Meg Donnelly. While both would kill as the Woman of Steele, Alcock was confirmed as the one by James Gunn himself on Threads.

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David Corenswet

In Superman: Legacy, the actress will star alongside the new Superman, David Corenswet. As it was previously revealed by the new boss of the DC Universe, their iteration of the story will show Kara in a way viewers have never seen before as she toughens up after years of loneliness and misery.

If you are interested in seeing how James Gunn's DC Universe will handle one of its most beloved dynamic duos, be sure to keep an eye out for more news and behind-the-scenes updates from the filming.

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