How Different Would Twilight Be if Edward Couldn't Read Minds?

How Different Would Twilight Be if Edward Couldn't Read Minds?
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Edward's supernatural abilities seem to have done a lot of good for him and Bella.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have become one of the greatest cinematic couples since the release of Twilight in 2008, and their influence on the romantic film genre does not seem to diminish to this day.

Like the actors who played them, Edward Cullen and Bella Swan have managed to sneak into the hearts of millions of fans around the world, making the unlikely love story of a teenage girl and a 100-year-old vampire seem believable.

However, after fans decided to speculate on how Edward's telepathic abilities affected their relationship, it became clear that without them, Edward and Bella might never have become a thing.

First of all, many people believe that without his psychic abilities Edward might have become a completely different person.

With his mind-reading ability, Edward sees all other people like open books, mistakenly believing that he really understands them because he knows what they are thinking. Needless to say, he is completely mistaken – it is impossible to truly know a person by reading their thoughts without paying attention to their actions.

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If Edward had lost his gift, he would surely have become more sympathetic to people, learned to live and feel just like everyone else.

Some viewers are more critical of Edward and Bella's future without his gift, arguing that the vampire would never have even looked at the shy teenage girl if his inability to read her mind had not attracted him to her.

It seems that Edward's gift was the only reason the whole Twilight storyline came to be, and Bella might never have gotten involved in the vampire rivalry and other dangerous events she experienced in the movies.

However, if Edward had not been able to read minds, he would never have saved Bella from the assault at Port Angeles, for when he followed her, he read the attackers' minds, deciding to intervene and save Bella. Nevertheless, his abilities made him a lonely man, and it was only with Bella, whose thoughts he could not read that he became truly happy.