How Erin Moriarty Really Feels About Her The Boys Castmates

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Tabloids and fan theorizing have a way of projecting relationships between actors – either claiming they hate each other or wondering if they're secretly dating.

For the cast of Amazon Prime Video's The Boys, there's been speculation about the latter, with Erin Moriarty (Annie January/Starlight) being "shipped" with most of her male co-stars. But in reality, it's apparent that she's just another one of the boys.

Her social media presence makes clear that she's close friends with Antony Starr, who plays Homelander – the villain to Starlight's hero.

Any scene between Starlight and Homelander is met with instant on-screen tension, especially when Homelander faked a relationship for the sake of the in-universe media (#Homelight).

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Moriarty and Starr, on the other hand, constantly make appearances in each other's Instagram posts, with Moriarty calling him her "goofball best friend" on a recent birthday post. This closeness has led to false assumptions that the two are an item, but both have made clear that – despite obvious chemistry – the two are nothing more than best friends.

On top of Starr, Moriarty's been shown to have a great relationship with the rest of her castmates.

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Jack Quaid – who plays Starlight's love interest, Hughie – has been described by Erin as her brother. When watching The Boys blooper reels, it seems that no one makes her laugh harder than Quaid while shooting scenes. She once said on social media that after two years as "besties," he's stuck with her "fo life."

Moriarty has been described as a "real life sweetheart" by Karen Fukuhara, who plays Starlight's mute teammate Kimiko.

Fukuhara has a YouTube channel in which she appears with a wildly different persona from her violent The Boys character. Moriarty has been a consistent guest; Fukuhara once hosted a Happy Hour Q&A with the two friends.

She's also been seen hanging out with Colby Minifie, who plays Vought's Talent Relations director Ashley Barrett, and Chance Crawford, who plays The Deep.

The good relationships between The Boys cast members seem to be more than positive marketing for the show, as they've all been seen hanging out together organically. One of their favorite hangouts seems to be the Soho house in West Hollywood, a Sunset Boulevard mainstay described as a spot for creative thinkers.

Fans want to believe that their favorite characters are indeed dating, but as of now, there's no official word on Erin Moriarty's love life. She has made abundantly clear that she's not dating a member of The Boys, though there is obviously a lot of love among the castmates.

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