"I Was Miserable": Mark Sheppard on His Post-'Supernatural' Life

Image credit: The CW

After portraying Crowley for eight years, Mark Sheppard exited 'Supernatural' in wake of creative differences with the show's producers.

Compared to his lucrative TV career before and during 'Supernatural ', Mark Sheppard indeed took a break after leaving the show in 2017. In his appearance on Michael Rosenbaum's podcast 'Inside of You, the actor shared some less-than-cheerful details about how he felt shortly after exiting the series.

"I didn't act for a year. I was miserable. It was like everybody was having a party, and I wasn't invited," he said. "And that's nobody's fault."

However, Sheppard assured he did not hold a grudge against anybody from the 'Supernatural' crew, actually even comparing it to a family, where there are ups and downs.

Fans appeared to have appreciated Mark opening up about his post-'Supernatural' experience.

Despite going through what he described as "miserable" time after leaving 'Supernatural', Mark is currently busy in HBO Max 's 'Doom Patrol', portraying a DC character Willoughby Kipling, who wields magical powers.

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Additionally, Mark did not cut ties with SPN for good. This past weekend, on April 22, he appeared at 'Supernatural' convention in East Brunswick, New Jersey.