Mark Sheppard Delves Into Juicy 'Supernatural' Details, Claiming Certain Showrunner Tried to Kill Crowley For Years

Mark Sheppard Delves Into Juicy 'Supernatural' Details, Claiming Certain Showrunner Tried to Kill Crowley For Years
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Not everyone watched 'Supernatural' merely for their love for the Winchester brothers.

No, some of us were definitely on the dark side, rooting for Crowley, the King of Hell himself. But it turns out that someone on the writing team was not okay with that.

Mark Sheppard, who portrayed demon Crowley in 'Supernatural ' for several years straight, shared some juicy details from the production of the beloved show on 'Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum' – and it looks like one particular showrunner tried to give him real-life hell aside from the fictional one Sheppard had to run in the show.

"We had our ups and downs. The thing in the end was weird thing. […] It was kinda tacky. It was like "well we don't think we have enough money to pick up your option next year". Well, because they were working at how to do what they were gonna do with the story that they needed to continue beyond, you know, into the 13th and 14th seasons and rest". I think a particular showrunner, who will remain nameless, was trying to kill me for about four or five years, which was just funny, cause I kinda knew… I knew the rest of the writers," Sheppard revealed.

However, Mark quickly went on to note that it "wasn't a problem", elaborating on multiple other small issues that he and the 'Supernatural' team faced during the production. Sheppard clashed with the creators over him being put on posters and video promotion before his contract was done, with the team having to deal with him being "grumpy".

Sheppard's character evolved from being a guest villain who, starting with season 5, appeared every now and then, to one of the fan favorites and even the show's regular, borderline beating Misha Collins ' Castiel when it came to amount of fans' love. However, Mark had to depart the series on bad terms anyway.

While the circumstances of his unpleasant departure remain unclear, Sheppard himself said that he felt the writers were trying to write him out of the story, apparently intending to craft a path for the Winchesters that did not necessarily include the chaotic neutral King of Hell.

When Crowley died in the season 12 of 'Supernatural' in a face-off with Lucifer, his death was criticized not only by fans, but also by Sheppard himself – apparently he had a different vision for his character's swansong.

Crowley was loved by fans for his ambiguity: never to be trusted fully, the King of Hell could surprise everyone by a sudden display of benevolence literally any time. His vague affiliation, balancing between being a sneaky evil demon and a noble hero, particularly developed after season 8, when he was injected with human blood by Sam Winchester and suddenly opened up about his desire to be loved.

During one of the fan conventions that took place in 2018, Sheppard revealed that the call to kill Crowley was not his, and he did not even want to leave the show, leading fans to believe that the decision was ultimately made by producers.

And this decision was not warmly welcomed by the Crowley fans.

With the injustice done to Crowley in the main show, many fans put their hopes in the prequel.

Pitches are ready, by the way.

Sheppard, however, remains adamant that he loves the 'Supernatural' family, still staying connected with SPN fans across the world and not particularly pinning the blame for his exit on anyone. He also remains mum about whether there are any possibilities for his character to come back some day in any kind of 'Supernatural' prequel.