Iconic Daredevil Villain Is Rumored To Appear In Marvel's 'Echo'

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It looks like Disney+ is ready to welcome Charlie Cox's blind superhero in all his glory, pitting him against his worst nemesis.

The news that the MCU has officially allowed Cox to reprise his role as Daredevil came as a pleasant surprise to many Marvel fans, given the actor's stellar performance in the Netflixverse. And while the upcoming Disney+ series about Matt Murdock will undoubtedly be less violent and dark than his original show, fans are still very excited to see this street-smart superhero again. Even though Marvel Studios is already developing his own series, Daredevil will appear in another one much sooner than expected – 'Echo' will feature him in a supporting role.

According to the insider @MyTimeToShineH, the psychopathic killer Bullseye, widely known as one of Daredevil's most feared enemies, could be the main villain in the upcoming 'Echo' series, which will center on deaf martial arts master. Both Echo and Daredevil often faced Bullseye in the original Marvel Comics, so the decision to make him the main villain could lead to a fairly successful and easily recognizable storyline.

Of course, the only question on most fans' minds is whether Wilson Bethel will reprise his Bullseye role from 'Daredevil' season 3, arguing that his phenomenal acting will surely be enough to get Marvel Studios to invite him back into the action for the MCU.

"Is Wilson Bethel reprising the role? That would kinda cement Marvel's TDW/Ragnarok approach of semi-rebooting without retconning the previous entries out." – /masoomrana94.

Fans are more than surprised that so many talented actors, including Cox, Vincent D'Onofrio and Bethel, could reprise their roles in 'Echo', arguing that such a cast could ruin the whole idea of the upcoming series.

"If they are going to stack the show this hard, why even have Echo in Echo at this point? Just rename it Daredevil." – /snowhawk04.

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