Idris Elba For James Bond Confirmed? 'King Richard' Director Is Ready To Make It Happen

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With Daniel Craig ending his 15-year tenure as James Bond, producers of the film franchise are under a lot of pressure to find a new agent 007.

It seems that 'King Richard' director Reynaldo Marcus Green already has a fan-approved choice of actor.

The director of the Oscar-winning biopic about the Williams sisters' father is very busy right now, filming the miniseries 'We Own This Town' for HBO and getting ready to shoot a Bob Marley biopic. Green seems to be one of the hottest directors in Hollywood right now, so if he wants to make a James Bond movie later on, MGM might just do him the honor.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Green mused about his admiration for Agent 007 and expressed his willingness to direct the next film if asked. Oh, and he also suggested Idris Elba for the role of James Bond.

'Yeah, if it has somebody that looks like me in front of it, I'm definitely open to it. I want to go into that direction and I want to be able to add value to a new Bond. I grew up watching popcorn movies, so if I could add a little something to it, that would be cool. Let's see if Idris wants to do it,' Green said.

Elba is a longtime favorite for the legendary role of the MI6 spy, and many fans and movie professionals alike look forward to seeing him order a Martini "shaken, not stirred."

MGM has not yet announced its choice of actor for the role of the next Bond, with Tom Hiddleston, Regé-Jean Page and Elba being among the top contenders.

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