If This Euphoria Character Gets Written Off, Fans Will Riot

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Fans' concerns are not unfounded, as Season 2 already swept some favorite characters under the rug.

As fans wait for the third season of Euphoria, they can't help but speculate what will happen to their favorite characters in the show. Among those characters is someone who is considered to be an actual Euphoria villain.

We're talking about Laurie – the intimidating drug dealer who gave Rue a suitcase full of drugs, but also threatened to actually kill Rue if she didn't return the money to Laurie after selling those drugs.

The character was considered the only person on the show who was legitimately scary. Her threat to Rue was the last we heard of her in Euphoria, and fans are hoping that creator Sam Levinson doesn't resort to writing her off.

"She is legit the most amazing outlaw woman I've ever seen portrayed anywhere in media and if there are contenders I would like to see them," Redditor ultrasuperthrowaway said.

Some fans feel that there is no reason for Euphoria to get rid of such a promising character. However, there are also people who remember how other characters have been treated on the show.

"Remember how Kat spent the entire season building towards being accepted for who she truly is & choosing to be with the guy who's shown he likes the real Kat? Remember how immediately afterwards she was just a sex-crazed maniac who played her boyfriend like a fiddle & never took an ounce of responsibility? Yeah. Sam [Levinson] doesn't care," Redditor KiratheRenegade suggested.

Barbie Ferreira's sudden departure from Euphoria, reportedly due to creative tension between her and Levinson, has upset many fans. Because of the actress' departure from the show, many fans remain concerned that other characters may be written off as well.

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Euphoria Season 3 is set to begin filming "soon", with no premiere date yet announced by HBO Max.

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